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1. Who can I approach at Your PA Online?

  • At Your PA Online, you always have a direct point of contact that will continually be available to you. A second staff member is in the know and can step in and seamlessly take over in exceptional events such as sickness.

2. Does Your PA Online also work locally?

  • Our core business is a service carried out by so-called virtual personal assistants (VPA). Thereby, business contacts are conducted primarily via e-mail, telephone or mail. As we use our own offices and equipment, your costs for rent or work material do not increase. Depending on your requirements we would, however, be pleased to take part in meetings for you or personally tend to your event.

3. How much does Your PA Online cost?

  • The bigger the task, the lower our fees. Just ask us for your individual hourly or per diem rate.

4. What kinds of language skills does Your PA Online offer?

  • Each of our staff members masters both German and English. Should you require another foreign language for translations, orders etc., your personal assistant can see to it that your tasks are meticulously carried out with the help of his international network.